TED Staffing - Meet TED

At TED we believe in the power of the individual and in making the optimal team! Working in staffing is heavily nuanced with many variables to orchestrate. Above all though, best-in-class staffing is all about understanding people!

We deliver some the largest and most complex staffing and logistics campaigns in the world for the world’s biggest agencies and brands. From large-scale always-on sampling roadshows and trial tours, to pop-up shops, festival events and immersive brand experiences.

We are well versed in planning and managing highly complex work for our agency partners and direct clients. When the human interaction has to be perfect, consistent and measured accurately, we are the only game in town.

Our Services:

Promotional Staffing
Brand Experience Staffing
Sales Staffing
Event Staffing
Trial Staffing
Demonstration Staff
Mystery Shopping

Large-Scale Sampling
Pop-Up Shops
Pop-Up Experiences
PR Stunts
Special Characters & Skills

Great staffing creates powerful human connections